Sonntag, 18. Januar 2015


BE creative make up | primer & gel eyeliner
KIKO | Make UP fixer
ANNY | covering white nailpolish

Hey you guys I hope everybody had an great start to 2015 :) Wish you all a happy NEW YEAR! Lots of success, luck, love and of course great health :)

So this are some of my current beauty favourites very affordable and super great in quality. 
Every woman who wears make up should apply a primer that's something super important and of course a good gel a liner is also a must-have this one is superpigmented and very creamy the consistent is so great.
I've been so long on the search for a covering white nailpolish i could never find one and now finally i found one I'm so happy (yeaa I'm late with the trend) 

All of this products are as I mentionend very affordable you don't always have to spend much many when you want to have good quality products. Make sure to check this products out ;)